That's true healthandtravel.co doesn't charge any service fee to it is clients regarding health consultancy related topics but Flight tickets, Transfers and other services are still object to be charged.
This is going to be told you according to your treatment and the most suitable recovery period during your F2F interview so which will depend but won't take that long unless you wish to stay longer in Turkey and keep enjoying there.  
Of course you could find a lot of options in Turkey through Internet or your personal network but HTC is an experienced company who could provide you different options to compare through different criteria and select the best one based on your need and budget. 
 Turkey is one of the best and most important country in the world regarding private health system through private hospitals, clinics, doctors and dentists. All operations are done by highly educated and hugely experienced Doctors and Dentist at the most innovative & modern hospitals and clinics.
 Turkey locally manufactures its equipment and the cost of living in Turkey lower than Europe.
 From European countries not more than 4 Hours to Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir where healthandtravel.co could provide you services
 No worries, healthandtravel.co is going to arrange your airport hotel and hospitals transfers with VIP service.
 Whenever you wish! no matter what the season is but might be vary due to flight and hotel costs during peak season.
This is going to told after the first F2F interview according to your need and budget. Afterward you could check through internet who is going to be treating you and where you are going to stay.
But just a quick tip for you, we just work the most experienced and the best ones in the sector whoever and whereever it is we will help you to make sure you get the best as you deserve!