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Tired of those headaches, neck pains, knee pains, shoulder and arm pains, backaches, neuropathic pains, rheumatism pains, chest pains, or abdominal pains?

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All you need to know about Algology

-       Algology is the science of pain treatment. In general, it aims to relieve chronic pain of patients.

-       In Algology, interventional procedures are performed with local anesthesia in order to reduce the pain in the operating room environment without any incision, providing half-day hospital stay and returning to daily life the next day.

-       When you have non-stop pains Algology may help you to stop them even the root cause was not well identified.

-       Algology treatment procedures include:

·      Neuroplasty Procedures (Pain caused by waist and neck hernia, pain caused by canal stenosis)

·      Radiofrequency Procedures (Intervention of nerves causing pain in head, waist, neck, leg, arm and face pain)

·      Root Cell Treatment (Joint Pain such as Knee and Shoulder)

·      Percutaneous Cordotomy (in pain which does not persist despite the use of high dose painkiller, in Cancer Pain)

·      Pain Pacemaker Treatment (Chronic Pain)

·      Morphine Pump (In cases where cancer and non-cancer pains cannot be controlled by other methods)

·      Ozone Treatment                                                   

·      High Intensity Deep Tissue Laser Treatment



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