Dolphin Therapy

Dolphin Therapy

Certified and experienced Dolphin Therapy therapists are available!

Do you have a disabled child or one with a rare genetic disorder? 
Dolphin therapy might be the solution. 

All you need to know about dolphin therapy

  • Dolphin therapy, also known as dolphin interaction therapy (DIT) is a widely used treatment method for kids with disabilities or genetic disorders in Turkey.
  • The number of therapy centers opened for this purpose is increasing rapidly. In these centers, children with autism first enter the water from the pier and then enter the water and interact with dolphins. 
  • Dolphin therapy uses the effects of dolphin stimulation and scientifically proven therapeutic methods. 
  • This short-term intensive therapy has a wide spectrum of application from light disorders to serious disabilities such as mental health conditions and can boost further development and improvement. 
  • As a family therapy which may help to find your inner resources and stimulate a constructive dialogue within a family.  It may positively influence personal development and communicative skills.
  • Dolphin Therapy is carried out by a certified and well experienced therapist who is trained to work with disabled children (mentally and physically)
Overall the therapy takes 5-10 sessions;
  • 30 mins - swimming with dolphins (parents, brothers and sisters are admitted)     
  • 30-60 mins - individual therapy (conducted by the therapist/ team, individually developed according to the possibilities of the person)
  • Montessori Therapy (sensorial exercises, drawing, play therapy, practical life activities)
  • Physiotherapy (with essential oils, massage and movement exercises)

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