Drug Rehabilitation

Drug Rehabilitation

Obtain the services of an expert psychiatrist in Turkey!

Are you addicted to drugs intake and what to call it quits? Do you have a friend or relative that is into so much drugs and in need of the help of a psychiatrist? We can help!

All you should know about drug addiction

  • Drug addiction is the use of substances that adversely affect the functions of the body, and therefore the use of these substances cannot be discontinued in the event of damage. 
  • Drug addiction causes nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, stomach and intestinal spasms.  
  • It causes damage to all internal organs and a number of accompanying diseases.  
  • It causes poisoning and death in this way.  
  • Drugs reduce an individual's ability to adapt to the environment. The addict gradually becomes isolated and detached from the family and the environment. This is often accompanied by severe depressions. 
  • An addict experiences withdrawal symptoms when he discontinues substance use. It increases the frequency and dose of substance use over time. 
  • The chemical structure of the substances used as drugs is different. When used, they affect different parts of the central nervous system, causing physical and psychological damage. 
  • There is no safe use of drugs. The risk of being dependent is equal to everyone who uses it. Our cells recognize every substance entering the body and memorize it again. This process, called the cellular learning process, applies to everyone. 
  • It renders the mind and will inoperable. It removes the person from normal life and behavior.  

Treating Drug Addiction

Persons and their relatives who use drugs and who want to be treated and seek solutions to their problems can be treated by the expert psychiatrics we at Health and Travel Consultancy would be connecting you to. Every treatment is carried out with the cooperation of the patient and the doctor.  

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