Eye Care

Eye Care

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Some of the eye treatments you can get in Turkey include, but are not limited to:

-       Glaucoma treatment

-       Cataract treatment

-       Contact lens application

-       Excimer laser application


All you need to know about Glaucoma

-       Glaucoma is a disease which surfaces as a result of the increased eye pressure causing damage to the visual nerves.

-       As in general the patient has no complaints in the initial stage of illness the visual nerve is worn over time, and by the time the patient has come to realize this which can be past the stage where it can be repaired.

-       It is important to diagnose as early as possible.


All you need to know about Cataract

-       A cataract is an eye ailment which stems from the natural lens within the eye losing its transparency and results in a reduction of vision in connection with this.

-       90% of the time it surfaces with advancing age.

-       A cataract is a situation where the lens within the eye loses its transparency and takes an opaque appearance.

-       It is the leading treatable cause of blindness in the world.


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