Flight Booking

Flight Booking
 Fly in grand style for your medical and beauty appointment!
After we have found the right clinic and doctor for your medical needs, we would proceed to choose a suitable flight package for you.
Here at Health and Travel Consultancy, we take you to your desired destination and bring you back home with the best possible and most comfortable travel options depending on your treatment, dates, location and budget.
Direct or indirect flights, even a private jet. You only need to ask, we will arrange it. All you have to do is arrange the dates with your specialist/clinic, then we will arrange your flight bookings through several alternative flights the cheapest, finding less time consuming and the most convenient routes for you.
What makes this service unique?
-       We make use of a special flight comparison tool
-       We compare hundreds of flights to find the best deals for you
-       We find the cheapest time for you to fly, comparing prices by month and over the year
-       We charge a minimal fee compared to our competitors.
Call us today for the best flight booking services! Fasten your seat belts!