Our Mission & Value

Our Mission & Value

Who are we?

Health and Travel Consultancy is a Dutch-based company that provides professional consultancy services to clients in need of health, beauty, and travel services in Turkey. We provide the highest standard of medical and beauty treatments to clients from across the globe, combining the most effective methods of treatment and very affordable options.

Our organization was founded in 2018, and since then, we have built a strong reputation as an experienced Health and Tourism company. We are people-oriented, and pay so much attention to customer satisfaction, so we try to deliver only the finest consultancy services at all times.

Since our inception, the experiences we have garnered in the health and beauty sector allows us to provide professional traveling, accommodation, transfer, and translator services. We have brought joy to the lives of numerous clients searching for health and beauty services in Turkey. Whatever your needs, be it plastic surgery or eye treatment, you can count on us to provide the best doctor and clinic for you.  

Whether you are looking to get your teeth checked or your boobs done, you can rest assured that we would provide a specialist that would handle your needs and deliver results. Health is very important to us, and you can rest assured that you would be getting the best healthcare and beauty care services with us. Turkish Healthcare is heralded across the globe for its quality facilities, personnel, and services, and has been on an upward trajectory for the past ten years.

To enjoy our unique services, you can contact us immediately.

Our Mission

We want to ensure that people traveling to Turkey for health and beauty purposes can enjoy professional consultancy services at very affordable rates.

Our Values

-       We are committed to customer satisfaction and experience.

-       We are committed to offering bespoke and professional consultancy services only.

-       We are committed to ensuring that our staff stays motivated and dedicated to providing excellent services to our customers.

-       We are committed to improvising and adapting when the needs arise.

-       We are committed to innovation and excellence.

-       We are committed to working together as a team.