Our Services

Consultancy on Health & Beauty Services in Turkey

HTC is a consultancy company to help, support you regarding your health related needs, requirements wishes to find different solutions and provide you a detailed overview to decide which option is the best in terms of service, cost and satisfaction


Hotel Booking

HTC is your partner to listen you and understand where you would like to stay during your health and/or beauty treatment in Turkey from Luxury hotels to the boutique accomodation solutions.


Flight Booking

HTC is your agency to monitor direct/in-direct flights to the location where you will get your health and/or beauty treatment in Turkey. Price comparison, flight schedules, even private jet is an option for you!


Transfers D2D

HTC is your personal assistance to arrange your transfers door to door. We pick you up from your home and we bring you back to the home. We will even arrange your daily transfers from the clinics to the hotels or whereever you would like to go!


Domestic Daily Trips in Turkey

HTC is domestic guide in Turkey from the most touristical places to the most local opportunities to be seen and visited while you get your health and/or beauty service.


Spirituel Workshops and Trainings

Even if you don't need health or beauty treatments, HTC could provide services and consultancy for your Spirituel evolvement which is a different kind of treatment :) such as Yoga, Mandala and others…


Well being activities & Detox Camps

That might be an additional opportunity for you or you may wish to be in Turkey just because of well-being activities and/or detox to be refreshed and start from the beginning of your life.


Gastronomical Arrangements

As very well known Turkish cuisine is one of very unique cuisine on the world which is mixture of east and west, HTC could also arrange an amazing tasteful experience for you while you are in Turkey.


AirBnb Support for your Residence

If you want to be treated as free of charge HTC is also in charge as your Airbnb agent in your hometown. HTC could support you to find the best guests to be hosted at your place during your stay in Turkey. May not be an exact amount that you could earn from your facility but could help you to reduce the cost and enjoy as much as possible in Turkey :)

 Professional medical advice all day, every day!
If you intend travelling to Turkey for a health or beauty related treatment, you need professional advice. And, there is none better than Health and Travel Consultancy for whichever medical service you seek.
We are here to help whether you are going for dental surgery or hair transplantation. All you have to do is tell us your budget, how long you want to stay in Turkey, where you would like to stay when you arrive in Turkey, when you would be able to travel, and the sort of medical service you seek.
Then, we would proceed to find the perfect clinic and medical practitioner for you.
Our consultation service is completely free. The charges are covered by clinics and doctors without charging any additional fee to the clients. You only pay for services such as flight and hotel bookings.
We also encourage you to do all the research yourself if you can before consulting us. We would then confirm if you have made the right choice before you commence with your travels. Our team of experts will be more than happy to provide you the best service possible.
Call us today for the best consultancy services!
 Fly in grand style for your medical and beauty appointment!
After we have found the right clinic and doctor for your medical needs, we would proceed to choose a suitable flight package for you.
Here at Health and Travel Consultancy, we take you to your desired destination and bring you back home with the best possible and most comfortable travel options depending on your treatment, dates, location and budget.
Direct or indirect flights, even a private jet. You only need to ask, we will arrange it. All you have to do is arrange the dates with your specialist/clinic, then we will arrange your flight bookings through several alternative flights the cheapest, finding less time consuming and the most convenient routes for you.
What makes this service unique?
-       We make use of a special flight comparison tool
-       We compare hundreds of flights to find the best deals for you
-       We find the cheapest time for you to fly, comparing prices by month and over the year
-       We charge a minimal fee compared to our competitors.
Call us today for the best flight booking services! Fasten your seat belts!

Spend your time in Turkey in comfort, luxury and style!


When you arrive in Turkey, we want to ensure that your stay is memorable and convenient. So we find you the ideal hotel by comparing the very best. We check for prices, reviews, locations, treatments, facilities and hospitality.

Depending on your preferred treatment date, location and budget, we at Health and Travel Consultancy would ensure that your stay will be happy, peaceful, and convenient and comfortable. Whether you want a five-star hotel or even a more luxurious one, a small cabin in a little town or a house where you can feel at home, we will find it.

All you have to do is focus on your treatment, enjoy the trip. We will even take care of your companions with pleasure.


Give us a call today and enjoy the most memorable travel experience of your life!


Travel around Turkey in style!

To make your stay in Turkey more memorable, we offer bespoke transfer services to our customers. We transfer our customers to any venue, event, or occasion without stress or hassle, in the most comfortable way possible. 

All through your stay, Health and Travel Consultancy would act as your personal assistant, arranging your transfers door to door.
We pick you up from your place and we bring you back to there. We even arrange your daily transfers from the clinics to the hotels or wherever you would like to go!

Be it:

  • Beaches,
  • Shopping Malls
  • Historical Places
  • Parties
  • Night Clubs.

We provide professional drivers, and a fantastic fleet of the most luxurious vehicles for seamless journeys round Turkey.  
You can rest assured that we would manage all your transportation needs, irrespective of what they are. 

Call us today!

 See all the fantastic venues in Turkey!
While your treatment period can be very short, in some cases it might last longer. This could be related to your recovery period or after treatment procedures or standard check-ups.
When that's the case, we would offer you a wide range of tourist attractions to choose from. See different sights, gain new experiences and get a chance to know Turkish culture and hospitality the more.

With this service, you get to visit and enjoy:

  • Unique coves
  • Great museums
  • Beautiful villages
  • Nice restaurants
Yes we are a Dutch company but we know every inch of Turkey very well 

Allow us to show you around Turkey, and enjoy the most memorable travel experience of your life!

 Rent out your vacation homes!


After and during your treatment, you can rent out your place through Air BnB.


We are focused on helping you offset as much ownership costs as possible, especially on your short-term rentals. So if you own or are in the process of acquiring a vacation home in Turkey, and plan on renting it out in the future, we are your go-to guys. 

What we do:


-       We advertise your property both internationally and locally. 

-       We will interview potential guests to ensure that they are suitable for your property.

-       We will inspect the property before and after each rental and do an inventory inspection. 

-       We will welcome guests properly into your property. 

-       We will organize repairs and maintenance and provide receipts.

-       We will communicate with you every step of the way. 


Call us today for detailed information and how to proceed.