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             Number One Health and Beauty Consultancy in Turkey



✔ Dentistry                                                                     ✔ Plastic Surgery

✔ Hair Transplant                                                     ✔ Eye Care

✔ Drug Rehabilitation                                              ✔ Infertility Treatment

✔ Obesity and metabolic surgery                           ✔ Laparoscopic Surgery

✔ Dolphin Therapy                                                   ✔ Algology

✔ Spiritual Workshops and training                       ✔ Detox Camps




Welcome to Health and Travel Consultancy!

Do you want to visit Turkey for health or beauty related treatments?

Are you looking for advice on the best medical practitioners to use?

Have you had horrible experiences with previous consultants?

Then you are in the right place!


We are a Dutch-based company that provides professional consultancy services to clients in need of health, beauty, and travel services in Turkey. Since being found in 2018, we have built a strong reputation as an experienced Health and Tourism company. We are people-oriented, and pay so much attention to customer satisfaction, so we try to deliver only the finest consultancy services at all times.

If you are looking for the perfect unique health travel experience to the beautiful country of Turkey, then we are your go-to guys. At Health and Travel Consultancy, we provide support to every client in need of diagnosis, treatment, and travel services. We prepare a personalized travel and medical treatment program for all our patients.

Every medical evaluation of our clients is done by the professional medical specialists that we connect our clients to. These specialists would conduct a free consultation on the patient, then decide the best treatment and method needed for every patient.

Health is very important to us, and you can rest assured that you would be getting the best healthcare and beauty care services with us. Turkish Healthcare is heralded across the globe for its quality facilities, personnel, and services, and has been on an upward trajectory since our inception.

Feel free to contact us today for quality health and beauty consultancy!


Why Turkey?

Turkey is one of the leading the best consulting company of the world by its qualified doctors, competitive prices, advanced technology and evidence- based service provision at international standards.

The Turkish private health care industry has fostered Turkey’s healthcare services standards by investing in state-of-art medical technology. Today, both local patients and global healthcare seekers enjoy quality Healthcare services.


What makes us unique?

-       No consultancy fees

We do not charge anything for health consultancy services to our clients. You only pay for services such as flight and hotel bookings.

-       We are trustworthy

Since our inception, we have brought joy to the lives of numerous clients searching for health and beauty services in Turkey. Whatever your needs, be it plastic surgery or eye treatment, you can count on us to provide the best doctor and clinic for you.  

-       Results are a guarantee

Whether you are looking to get your teeth checked or your boobs done, you can rest assured that we would provide an experienced specialist that would handle your needs and deliver results.